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>> reporter: he is exhausted and doesn't want to talk about the experience. he is emotional thinking about his colleagues that are still missing. >> find them. they're all good people. thank you. >> reporter: the mexican navy continues the search with all the american survivors back on u.s. soil. the three wong brothers headed back to the bay area early this morning without their brother brian, who is still among the missing. in novato last night another group of fishermen said they were glad to be home but still seething mad at the captain and his crew. >> the captain was a criminal jackass. he had no idea what the heck he was doing out there because the storm comes 25 degrees from the port side. he goes straight down. i was a sailor before at one time. if he had turned into the wind then -- he sunk us, in other
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words. and the crew, i didn't see the crew. nobody came around who woke us up or gave us a live vest, nothing. >> the boat was tilted so bad i just tried to get up on top so i could get somewhere. so right when i get up on top i look and there's the whole crew with brand-new life jackets on. and none of the passengers had anything. >> reporter: the families of the missing continue to monitor the search in mexico. and one big question, where are the divers? if they could search the record down 200 or 300 feet deep they might get some answers mainly whether any of the dead are still trapped in the wreckage. >> more questions than answers. thank you. the families of the seven missing fishermen are clinging to the hope of course that those men will be found alive. the mexican navy is still searching for those missing. it has agreed to search beyond the typical 96 hours, which is protocol for its water rescues. after that the search typically
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turns into a recovery mission. but relatives have set up a facebook page called find our fathers, with pictures of each of the fishermen who is missing. a pair of brush fire keeps crews busy this afternoon. around 2:45 p.m., flames were spotted in a grassy area near wood valley place in danville. that's close to blackhawk plaza. it took about 15 minutes for firefighters to put it out. smoke hung over homes. no houses were burned. an hour later another grassfire was spotted in the oakland hills. this is near redwood road and skyline boulevard. it appears to have been started by a car fire. chopper 5 spotted crews hosing down a burned-out sedan nearby. fire ripped through less than an acre before it was knocked out. and two children are among the four people killed in a
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watsonville plane crash. a passerby videotaped the aftermath last night outside an unoccupied medical building. next to the watsonville community hospital. initial reports were that two were dead. but while examining the wreckage, the bodies of the children were discovered. the single-engine moony had just taken off from the nearby municipal airport. federal safety investigators are looking into the cause. a sentimental journey for much of america especially workers at nasa ames. >> 3, 2, 1! whoo! >> many of the people who helped support the space shuttle program for three decades gathered to see atlantis off on its final mission. manuel gallegus on the emotional last liftoff. >> 2, 1, 0, and liftoff, the final liftoff of atlantis! >> reporter: the shuttle atlantis rocketed into the
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cloudy florida sky. >> space shuttle spreads its wings one final time for the start of a sentimental journey into history. >> reporter: at the kennedy space center, there were cheers and some tears for the 135th and final mission. >> it's one of the most amazing things i have ever seen in my entire life. i'm so emotional. >> i was crying. there is no doubt about it. i can't help it. >> reporter: for this 36th trip to the space station, only four astronauts journeyed instead of the usual six or seven. this time, there is no backup shuttle in case of emergency. it's up tout russians to provide -- it's up to the russians to provide any rescue. the shuttle commander paid tribute to everyone at nasa. >> the shuttle is always going to be a reflection of what a great nation can do when it dares to be bold. >> reporter: for thousands of nasa employees, once atlantis returns to earth in 12 days they will be out of work and the job losses reach across the country. jim is the head of california- based rocketzine which makes the shuttle's liquid rocket engines. now 300 of its scientists are
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out of work. >> the shuttle sending and we don't know what's next. >> reporter: so far nasa hasn't revealed exactly what it has planned next for space exploration. >> for the last time, the space shuttle's main engines have fallen silent. >> reporter: but the agency is tremendously proud of its 30- year shuttle legacy. manuel gallegus, cbs news, at the kennedy space center. for a bay area neighborhood hit hard by crime, a shooting spree last night has left a lot of people shaken. six people were shot in 90 minutes. four separate incidents happened in the same part of east oakland. police are trying to determine whether there is a connection. christin ayers spoke to the father of one of the victims. christin. >> reporter: elizabeth, told me that his son just graduated from high school, has never been involved in gangs and was simply caught in the crossfire of what could be a hot violent summer in east oakland. it's the phone call no parent
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wants to get. >> by the grace of god he is still living. >> reporter: this man who called himself darrell did not want to show his face. he was on the other end of that dreaded phone call thursday night. >> panic, you know? how would a parent feel standing here, getting a phone call saying your child has been shot, come help me, daddy, you know? >> reporter: his son one of six people shot in east oakland in a burst of bloodshed thursday night. in an hour and a half there were four shootings. incredibly no one was killed. >> i worry every day because like most residents, who wants to wake up each morning to hear about some overnight crime committed? >> reporter: the crime may worser before it gets better. police say when the heat rises, so does the crime rate. long-time east oakland rest denied sandra varner is encouraged by police chief batts' announcement this week that the department will rehire 22 officers and put more police in patrol cars. >> i do notice, though,
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whenever the police presence is beefed up, it seems that things are calmer. >> reporter: but darrell, shaken by his son's close call, says the solution to east oakland's crime problem goes far deeper. >> it ain't about the police. it's about the people in the community. it's about the adults really becoming adults and taking charge and taking responsibility for they kids... so they stop the violence on the street. >> reporter: darrell's son was shot in the leg and is now out of the hospital. we hear that some of the people were shot yesterday are still hospitalized. oakland police are investigating whether there was a connection between any of these crimes, elizabeth. but they tell us right now they have no suspects. >> christin ayers in oakland, thank you. he prayed before each mission, but tonight a south bay soldier whose name means victorious has died in afghanistan. 36-year-old army sergeant nick afor amper iv was killed tuesday in a firefight.
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he joined the marines out of westmont high school in campbell. he joined the army and served 16 years in the military. friends say he was due home in two months. he leaves behind a wife and two sons. the parole officers responsible for supervising convicted sex other fender phillip garrido did a "substandard job." that opinion comes from a newly released report by a federal judge. garrido of course kidnapped, raped and held jaycee dugard captive for 18 years at his home in antioch. he was caught when' uc-berkeley police officer got suspicious. the report also says parole agents downplayed his repeated drug violations and never made sure he registered as a sex offender. of the united states... >> the san francisco police department that 15 new graduates from the police academy. they are san francisco's new citizen community police service aides. they won't carry guns or make arrests but they will the first
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responders to certain crime scenes. thieves are turning to extreme measures to steal valuable copper. they climbed large metal power poles in antioch early thursday and they cut the high tension lines. 10 cars were damaged by the falling power lines. and in roseville this morning, very early two power poles were cut down. the loose wires started a fire next to an abandoned house. investigators believe the suspects used a chainsaw that cut the poles down and stole the copper. rolling out the royal red carpet. the prince and dutchess touched down on u.s. soil for the first time. finding affordable rentals in the bay area. the one factor that's making it harder to accomplish. clipping your way to savings gets a little harder. the changes to store policies that will cost you. ,,,,,,,,
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the calgary stampede on the last a cowboy coronation fit for a future king. the royal newlyweds helped kick off the calgary stampede on the last day of a 10-day visit to canada. they arrive in l.a.x. an hour ago to beginning a two- day tour in southern california. sandra hughes is in los angeles with the preview of their visit. >> reporter: well, the royal couple arrived here about a half hour ago. they drove right behind me. they were in a range rover part of a pretty large motorcade went around the building and into the hotel at the other entrance. this is the beverly hilton in beverly hills. this is a meeting about all business. from what we understand, that the duke and duchess of cambridge are now on stage taking part in that meeting which is only going to last about 45 minutes.
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[ pause ] [ no voice track ] >> reporter: so after this meeting they are going to travel about five miles down the road to a neighborhood in los angeles called hand park. that is where the british consul-general lives. they are going to be -- they will be staying overnight actually both nights of their trip. there will be a reception tonight with local politicians and dignitaries that the couple will take part in before they go to bed tonight. tomorrow, of course, the big event that many people want to see and that is the polo match in which william will play and kate is going to hand out the trophy to whoever is the winner. they will come back here by helicopter to los angeles and they are going to have a
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reception and a big party, red carpet event, for the british film industry. we also know there are going to be some hollywood stars there, tom hanks, barbra streisand, just to name a few but mostly this is an event to honor british filmmakers and actors and actresses. >> sandra, can you tell me about what the kind of the commotion is there in los angeles? is there a lot of security? is there a lot of that famous l.a. paparazzi around? >> reporter: well, there are helicopters overhead. there are lot of camera crews here. there are about 50 people in front of the hotel who are hoping to catch a glimpse of the royal couple. they had flowers. they had gifts. they had the union jack that they were waving back and forth. now, in the hancock neighborhood actually the neighbors surrounding the consul general's home have signed no trespassing orders. so the papparazzi will not be able to get near that house where they're sleeping. >> okay. well, there you go. i'm sure they will be well
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protected in the city of angels. sandra hughes in los angeles, thank you. a jobless report the analysts call shocking! unemployment up again last month 9.2%. the highest this year. but the worst news, only 18,000 jobs created nationwide. the experts were expecting 100,000. among the jobs lost, 39,000 government jobs. president obama blames the high unemployment numbers on uncertainty about whether lawmakers will raise the nation's debt limit. he says the fighting on capitol hill is keeping employers from hiring. lawmakers are promising to work through the weekend and meet with the president again sunday. if they don't reach a deal soon, the u.s. will default on government loan payments. the difficulty of keeping a roof over your head. why people who are losing their homes are facing another struggle. and the coupon craze out of control. the retailers who are drawing a line at the checkout stand.
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hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the cbs 5 weather center. the warmest stretch of the season now winding down. what about the weekend? we will talk about that coming up. ,,
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denny's new tour of america menu. 50 star cuisine. the new tour of america menu. starting at $4.99. only at denny's. america's diner is always open. the number of apartment vacancies continues to fall...and are now at a three year low. to you can kiss those rental
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incentives good-bye. the number of apartment vacancies continues to fall. it's now at a three-year low and to make matters worse, rent increases in san jose and san francisco demand for amendments is taking off due to foreclosures. a popular tv show has made extreme couponing a growing trend but on the consumerwatch julie watts explains the practice is also facing growing backlash. >> reporter: stores are changing coupon policies to prevent people from getting freebies and clearing off the shelves. and they have unexpected allies. >> she promised me my money and you wouldn't believe how much money people throw away this is dumpsters. >> thank you for the challenge of the day of the year of my career. [ laughter ] >> reporter: for some the extreme coupon theories have turned shopping into a sport. but for long-time couponners
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from a coupon website, tlc has made couponing more complicated. >> made it much harder for the normal couponner to shop in a grocery store. all the coupon policies have changed. the outlook on couponing in general has changed dramatically. >> reporter: not only do she and her readers face new stigmas but they can't find the products they need on the shelves and now stores are changing policies. >> it's a disservice. >> reporter: target and combination limit the combination of buy one get one coupons. previously some combined two and got both free. and rite aid now only accepts up to 4 of the same coupons giving managers discretion to limit them further when stock is running low. >> the board of equalization has specific rules about how coupons must be applied. >> reporter: stores can limit coupons any way they want. he suspects they are not doing it out of financial concerns. >> the manufacturer is going to be reimbursing the retailer so the retailer isn't losing
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money. >> reporter: but stores say there are long lines and empty shelves which is why he hopes extreme couponing is a short lived fad. >> i think stores will start to see that we aren't all extreme couponners. we are not all out to get one over on the store. >> reporter: juliette points out many of her readers rely on coupon savings to survive and they are frustrated with those now resorting to stealing newspapers or altering the coupon bar codes to get a better deal. she wants people to know that not all couponners are like hoarders like you see on those shows. two sides to every story. >> exactly. lawrence is in and you're not discounting the temperatures, are you? you're just knocking them down a little? >> just bringing them down making them more reasonable. that's what we are going to do for the weekend ahead. we are fogged in at the golden gate bridge. that fog though confined to the coastline. a lot of sunshine in the valleys so still some warm temperatures there put we'll see more fog in the coming days. just a little band at the
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coastline but this is going to deepen somewhat probably going to see more drizzle toward the next week. temperatures tomorrow 70s and some more comfortable 80s inland. 60s and 70s inside the bay. mostly sunny after patchy fog. at the coast though cool. 50s on the 60s. right now it is still 92 degrees in livermore. 91 in concord. you get out toward the coast only 56 degrees and foggy in pacifica so you get the idea a big contrast in the temperatures and i think we'll see more of that in the days ahead. temperatures in the valleys 90s even some hot 100s into fresno and even those are going to start to cool down. looks like high pressure is finally giving to give it up a bit and that means we are going to watch those temperatures cooling down around the bay area. probably headed below normal toward the middle of this next week. high pressure sliding's with a last gasp of the heat and then tomorrow much more reasonable temperatures cooling down across the board. probably mid-80s in some of the warmest parts of the bay area. still, not bad if you are traveling around. how about this for numbers tomorrow? plan on a nice 78 degrees santa
5:21 pm
clara, 72 union city, cool at the beaches. 50s at the coastline. east bay temperatures where we state hot for quite some time, even those numbers are going to be coming down. 86 degrees in antioch. about 83 in danville. and about 84 degrees in livermore. in the north bay we'll see cooler temperatures at the coastline of course. mainly in the 50s and 60s. plenty of 70s showing up in the valleys but as we look for the next few days, yeah, these temperatures going to be running well below average as we head through the next week. in fact, i think as we get into tuesday and wednesday, some of those temperatures are going to struggle to get into the mid- 70s in the hottest spots! so yeah, looks like the next 7 to 10 days after this heat wave, well, these temperatures are going to be running well below normal for the better part of rest of july. >> a shock. >> yeah, thank you. breaking news in san francisco where the evening commute on muni has suffered a major setback. the overheadlines are down along mission street between
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first and fremont. that's only about three blocks but that three-block stretch affects eight major muni lines. buses are being rerouted around that area but will likely mean delays on the way home. well, they are some of the things we love to eat all summer long but the consequences can be painful. >> chemicals can lead to headaches. >> and they are in the food. what you can could to avoid migraines. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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headaches. but summertime can make many people who suffer from those painful headaches feel even worse. dr. kim mulvihill is in. nearly 30 million americans suffer from migraines but summertime can make people who suffer them feel worse. dr. kim mulvihill here to explain what we can do about it. >> reporter: well, allen, if you get migraines, this can be a tough time of year. there are lots of triggers that can make summer especially painful. but with a little planning, you won't have to spend summertime in bed. for most, summer means fun in
5:25 pm
the sun. for kristin, it means more migraines. >> i get more in the summer. when they get bad i have to spend hours or even a whole day in bed. >> reporter: and kristin isn't alone. migraine sufferers often have more frequent debillitating and painful headaches this time of year. the picnic menu at backyard barbecues and parties is partly to blame. >> cold cuts, pastrami, salami. those are typically made with nitrates as are hot dogs. so people eat more of those in the summer and those chemicals can trigger headaches. >> reporter: the weather itself is another culprit. heat and humidity cause the body to sweat and lose water and sodium. dehydration can spark a headache. too much time in the summer sun is another serious headache trigger. so are summer allergens like grass pollen and summer storms with big dips in the barometric pressure can also spell trouble. >> when the storm clouds are rolling in, when there is a big "l" on the weather map, people need to be a little more
5:26 pm
cautious and pay more attention to their triggers. >> reporter: to prevent migraines, sticking to the routine is key. experts advise eating and sleeping at the usual time and taking it easy on the alcohol. clear dry alcoholic drinks are less likely to cause an attack. kristen does all of that and more. >> it just wasn't worth it to me anymore to eat those things and drink those things anymore. >> reporter: while she can't control the weather, she can control her triggers and enjoy her summer. a little time off could also be behind a bad headache. some people suffer from letdown headaches that you get when you finally have a chance to relax after a period of stress. the first days of vacation or the start of the weekend are common times for migraines to occur. i'm dr. kim mulvihill, cbs 5 healthwatch. with the launch of the last space shuttle here at the kennedy space center, we will look at the thousands of workers all across the country who will lose their jobs at the end of the atlantis mission. that story tonight on the cbs 5.
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you're smiling. and when they're laughing... you're laughing. be kind to your eyes... with transitions lenses. transitions adapt to changing light so you see your whole day comfortably... and conveniently while protecting your eyes from the sun. ask your eyecare professional which transitions lenses are right for you.
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news at 6. catch and release. it's the law of the sea for protected fish. but a strange thin i'm dana king. here's something we're working on for eyewitness news at 6:00. catch and release. it's the law of the sea for protected fish. but a strange thing happens when some of them are caught. why the rules meant to save them are killing them instead. >> too busy to stop for lunch? why eating at your desk could ruin your diet. we all do it here. i think we're all going to stop. that m

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